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Why Choose Kouski for Your Landscaping Needs?
  1. Expert Landscape Design: At Kouski Landscape Company, our seasoned designers craft customized landscape designs tailored to your personal taste and the unique aesthetics of your property.

  2. Holistic Approach: Our commitment goes beyond just plant choices. We consider all aspects of the environment, ensuring harmony, sustainability, and a beautiful outcome.

  3. Hands-On Experience: With years in the landscaping business, we've handled a variety of projects, big and small. Each one taught us something new, and we bring all that knowledge to your backyard.

How to Get Started
  1. Share Your Vision: Drop us a line or fill out our online form. Let us know about your landscaping aspirations, whether you have specific plans or need some creative input.

  2. Site Visit and Consultation: Once we have a basic idea, our team will visit your property to understand its intricacies. This hands-on approach ensures that our landscape design will be a perfect fit.

  3. Design and Approval: Post consultation, we'll present a draft landscape design for your review. Once you're thrilled with the plan, we'll move to the execution phase.

  4. Let the Transformation Begin!: Watch as our professionals turn your vision into a tangible paradise. Throughout the process, we'll keep an open line of communication to ensure everything unfolds seamlessly.

  1. How long will the landscaping process take?
    Each project is unique. Once we understand the scale and specifics of your desired landscape design, we'll be able to provide a more accurate timeline.

  2. Can I be involved in the design process?
    Absolutely! Your input is invaluable to us. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the final design is something they adore.

Kouski landscape company champaign il urbana mahomet savoy


Taking the first step towards your dream landscape has never been easier. With Kouski Landscape Company by your side, you're on the brink of witnessing an outdoor metamorphosis.

Get started today and see the Kouski difference for yourself. Your beautiful, expertly crafted landscape awaits.  Schedule your appointment for a one-on-one consultation at your home with our design team. We'll bring our expertise you bring your ideas. 

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