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Kouski landscape company champaign il downtown champaign


Kouski landscape company champaign il urbana mahomet savoy
Kouski landscape company champaign il urbana mahomet savoy fire pit hardscaping paver patio seat wall
Kouski landscape company champaign il urbana mahomet savoy

Champaign Landscaping

Landscape design in Champaign, IL, stands as a beacon of how cities can seamlessly integrate nature into the urban environment. With a rich blend of history, innovation, and community spirit, Champaign’s landscape narrative is a story of harmony, sustainability, and ever-evolving beauty.

We're excited to serve our hometown location for many years to come!  The residents of Champaign have been able to enjoy our array of services since January 2012, and we hope to continue to serve the local community for many more years!

Kouski landscape company champaign il urbana mahomet savoy


In Champaign, IL, landscape design isn't just decoration—it's a blend of form and function, tailored to the city's unique setting. Here, designers balance the area's history and modern growth. The result? Spaces that honor the past while embracing today's styles, like mixing traditional gardens with green roofs and city parks. 

Choosing native plants is key. They're low-maintenance and eco-friendly, fitting Champaign's vibe perfectly. Favorites include Purple Coneflower, Little Bluestem, Wild Bergamot, and Prairie Dropseed. These plants make it easier to create a landscape that's both beautiful and sustainable.

Want to see our design process?  Click the link below.

Why Choose Kouski

Expertise: Specializing in landscape design, our Champaign, IL company is a leader in the landscaping industry with years of experience.


Customer Service: Our responsive and friendly team in Champaign IL ensures all your questions are answered promptly.


Variety: From lawn care to hardscaping, we offer a wide array of services including tree planting and custom garden designs.


Quality: We use top-notch materials and plants to guarantee both durability and visual appeal in all our landscape projects.


Reviews: High customer ratings consistently validate our superior landscaping service quality.


Pricing: Offering competitive and transparent pricing, we make sure you get excellent value for your money in all landscaping services.


Local: With an in-depth understanding of Champaign's local soil and climate, we deliver solutions that really work.


Eco-Friendly: Our commitment to sustainability ensures your landscape is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.


Customization: Whatever your landscape vision, we offer tailored services to meet your specific needs.


Reliability: Always on time, we ensure all landscaping and lawn care projects are completed within the agreed timeframe.

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Kouski landscape company champaign il urbana mahomet savoy


Think you may be ready to talk to a landscape designer in Champaign?  Click the button below to fill out our landscape design questionnaire, and at the end you'll be able to schedule an appointment for a professional landscape designer to come to your home at time that's convenient for you.

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